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Hi, and Welcome to "Marketing Affiliate Training"!

this site is all about working from home and making money online, or internet marketing as it's generally known to those who do it.

so is it really possible to work at home and make a full time living from an online business..?

Yes! Absolutely!

I've been making money online since 2001 and went full time back in 2005, and trust me, it's an awesome feeling when you finally get to sack your boss!

Note: if you've already started building your internet based business and are here looking for the best useful (and free) tools, resources and info, then just scroll on down the page a bit and you'll find them...

Now here's the best part, internet marketing is not only something you can start in your spare time and build up to replace your full time income, it's also something you can start on a shoe string budget!

to be fair, you can speed things up if you've got some cash to invest, as you can buy tools and services to automate things and get more done in less time, jump starting your online home business, but you can also start with no cash at all!

It really depends on what suits you...

and that's another Very Cool thing about making money online, there's actually a whole bunch of different ways you can do it!

Hi Matt,
You do the best videos!! They are always go clear and easy to follow.Thank you!


So here's some of the best stuff around to help you get started: -

Automated Niche Keyword Research - NicheReaper Review

Free Internet Marketing Resources and Tools

Underground Web Traffic Secrets

The Backlinks Blueprint

affiliate marketing profit plan

free website traffic system

The List Building Blueprint

local marketing profit plan

retail profit plan

quick start internet marketing

auto profit plan


niche super sleuth

the fanpage traffic system

internet marketing videos

instant article videos

instant articles suite

blog optin pro

mobile marketing profit plan



for all sorts of automated internet marketing software tools

there are actually quite a few more, and I'm constantly adding new one's, so sign up below to stay up to date: -

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Hi Matt,

After searching on the net for some help, I can't believe how lucky I was to land on your website and video page.

They not only showed me step by step on how to set up everything for my Wordpress blog, but the other videos have great information that most internet marketers would charge for.

I really could not believe they were free. I thought I got into a "back door" to a membership site!

Needless to say, I immediately signed up for his newsletter and received some awesome free gifts!

Thanks so much Matt for creating these videos.



Now here's a selection of the more popular blog posts from some of my sites that you might find interesting, don't worry about trying to read them all in one go, just pick out the ones that catch your eye and interest you: -

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That should keep you going for a while!

If you want to leave me some feedback you can do so here: -


Hi Matt,

So much for my beauty sleep!!! Sheesh!
Discovered your site last night and was up until the wee hours going through your videos, and getting up to speed on blogs.

And thank you again for the GREAT video presentations. Your teaching style is clear and easy to follow. Will likely listen to several of them again as my retention was slipping by 3:00AM!

And your blog will definately be listed as a favorite (or whatever the terminology) is on my blogs.

With Appreciation,


To Your Online Marketing Success!

Kind regards,

Twitter: @MattGarrett

If you have any problems please feel free to contact me: -
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**Note: AFFILIATES: If you are interested in being an affiliate please open a ticket on the support desk to let me know and I'll get in touch asap. Thanks. :)

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Hi Matt,
Big, big thank you!
Love it - again a big thank you. You now have an addicted fan for life - again.
Thanks Matt and kind regards


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